Saturday 7 April 2012

Sunshine Panners play on The One Show!

Late afternoon on the 19th of March we received a call from the BBC, asking us to perform on The One Show the following day. Having very few details about location, time, performance requirements, if we were going to be on television etc., we frantically sent messages and emails trying to get a band together while the researcher spoke to the producer and got back to us. Later that evening, we got a call that finalised most details but we didn't know whether or not we would be live on air...

Gig day! We got to the panyard for 3:30pm to practise our newest pieces before we packed up and set off to Once Brewed, Hadrian's Wall Country. And it was cold. Very cold. But even though the temperature wasn't that great, loads of spectators came to watch the current person run one out of The One Show's 1000 miles for Sport Relief. After the crowds were assembled, a short piece was filmed about this and then it was practise time for us. Or so we thought! It was actually practise time for all the pieces to camera and for the spectators- I've never known as many rehearsals for cheering and waving!

Eventually, we got our turn to practise which not only brightened the mood, but warmed us up a bit too! Then, after running a couple of pieces to entertain the crowds (we weren't allowed to play all the time because it was deafening the BBC employees who were wearing headphones linked to all the microphones!) we were live! What an overwhelming feeling it is to know that thousands (well, millions we were told) of people are watching you, on TV, LIVE! What if we played a wrong note? Or missed our cue?! Thankfully, everything went as planned and minutes later and it was all over.

The crowds soon disappeared and we could pack up and go home to eat our teas and warm up! It was an awesome experience and I'm sure if the Sunshine Panners were asked to perform on a live TV show again, they would!

Unfortunately, the BBC are no longer showing this show on iPlayer, and although we aren't mentioned, the synopsis of the show is nice to have as a reminder of who and what else was on the show that night:

"Matt Baker and Alex Jones are joined by musical legend and the UK's Eurovision entry Engelbert Humperdinck. Rani Price looks into the rise in State run boarding schools and we catch up with the fifth day of the One Show 1000 as it runs through Northumberland."
Rosie Webster

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